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Buy More Currencies

Currency Trade International is pleased to offer its customers a safe, secure, and quick outlet to many different exotic currencies. Whether for collection or investment purposes, Currency Trade International customers can rest assured that they can quickly and easily buy legitimate currencies the same ways we have offered for years. Because of the amount of currencies we are now able to obtain, please allow a few additional processing days for orders other than IQD and VND. Effective immediately, you may now purchase Indonesian Rupiah, and the South Korean Won as Full Pay or Layaway orders. You may also purchase the Chinese Yuan and the Hong Kong Dollar as Full Pay orders. We will also be offering a list of many other currencies that you may request pricing for Full Pay orders on, shortly. Thank you for using Currency Trade International for your currency acquisition purposes!

Buy Iraqi Dinar

Currency Trade International offers our customers a new secure and more efficient method to buy Iraqi dinars, the official currency of Iraq. We are currently offering the most competitive prices on the market today. Our experienced staff will answer any and all of your questions to assist you effortlessly through the purchasing process of your dinar. Choose from several convenient payment options, or if you’re looking for a more flexible payment method, buy dinars on layaway - pay 5% down and the balance within 45 days. After you’ve completed your dinar purchase, Currency Trade International will process and ship your order quickly and accurately. 

Currency Trade International posts our price for Iraqi Dinar on our home page daily so you can see what your investment cost will be if you purchase that day. Purchase Iraqi dinar from Currency Trade International, the trusted source for currency purchases!


Buy Vietnamese Dong

Currency Trade International now offers it's customers a safe, secure, and quick outlet to buy Vietnamese Dong. We offer both full pay and Layaway options, in all the same great payment methods as before. Click HERE to purchase VND today!.



In order to assure our customers that all of our currency is authentic, every note that is sold has been run through a DeLa Rue anti –counterfeit machine. This machine is used by all major banks as well as many government institutions that deal with currency. Every order placed through Currency Trade International also includes a Certificate of Authenticity including the order number, amount, and date of the transaction.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee
In order to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied, Currency Trade International will make every effort to fulfill all requests. If for any reason Currency Trade International cannot complete all your requests on your fully paid order within 7 days, a full 100% refund will be issued back to you.

Customer Buy Back Program
Currently, for security reasons, Currency Trade International will only buy back currency that was sold to our customers. Currency Trade International plans on expanding this feature in the future. If you would like more information regarding this topic please email

Layaway Extension Program
Currency Trade International is proud to introduce to our customers our Layaway Extension Program. Currency Trade International understands the pressing times in the current state of the global economy and that not all customers are able to complete all payments in the standard Layaway Program. The Layaway Extension Program allows customers to pay for an extension before the order expires and receive an additional 30 days to make payments on the same order. For more information regarding this topic please email

Fast Shipping
Currency Trade International offers secured shipping through FedEx. You can have currency in your hands in 3 days if you order right now!

Special Promotions
We are offering special deals for referrals. For more information, email