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A few years ago Currency Trade International President Michael J. Brown, discovered the high demand for the highly popular new Iraqi Dinar. He realized there was no real quick, secure, or efficient way to purchase dinars, including existing layway options. Mr. Brown took it upon himself to establish a more efficient method to deliver the new dinar currency to the entire world through the Currency Trade International website.

When Currency Trade International was founded, the officers were determined to build a successful business with high morals and make it their number one priority to protect customers. In order to achieve these goals, Currency Trade International set up extra policies to ensure the security of all transactions. Simple additions such as the highest security SSL Certificate and a relationship with PaySimple allow us to serve you maintaining the highest integrity while keeping both parties protected.

The SSL certificate used by Currency Trade International is one of the highest grade available on the e-commerce market, so you can rest assured that your information remains private. Currency Trade International went the extra mile with an extensive audit of our purchasing policies and procedures in order to support this security detail. The SSL encrypts all data entered into the website and prevents all outside parties from acquiring your data. Currency Trade International also offers payment with PaySimple so we can use a third party to transfer funds. This method is preferred to protect our clients from any type of possible theft. Mutual protection is a vital part of our operation.

Currency Trade International employs only the most knowledgeable, sincere personnel with integrity and a high moral background. Each employee has willingly gone through an extensive legal and financial background check. Currency Trade International requires for all employees to attend continuing education seminars and conferences annually to remain current on the current trends in the currency trade industry and banking regulations. Currency Trade International requires all of our employees to have an extensive background with the following:

  • Bank Secrecy Act Compliance
  • Knowledge on all Currency Markets
  • United States Treasury Procedures and Regulations
  • Latest Internet Security Standards
  • Currency Authentication
  • Money Service Business Operations
  • Up-to-date on all Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Policies

Currency Trade International is registered and compliant with all of the necessary Federal, State, and Local departments and organizations. This includes the United States Internal Revenue Service and the United States Treasury. It also includes proper registration with all states and territories requiring additional registration.

Unlike some of our competitors, Currency Trade International is a US company. Our headquarters are located in Alpharetta, GA where all of the company’s activities take place. We can be contacted with a US based phone line or by e-mail at our corporate offices in Alpharetta.

In order to prove to our customers the validity of our currency, we provide all orders with a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate attests that our currency is legally declared, transported, obtained and it has not been associated with any criminal activities. All of our currency passes through a United States customs inspection to further prove the authenticity of the transported currency.

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